Finding a Balance

Running your own business is extremely hard work but hugely rewarding.

Particularly the first three or four years when it’s all hands on deck, twelve hours a day and seven days a week. Please do not misunderstand me, I have loved every minute of it and when you are lucky enough to pursue your passion and do a job you love, it really does not feel like work at all.

I am extremely fortunate to have a small but perfectly formed studio at the top of my garden, and to be able to work from home. But with that can come difficulties. You have to be disciplined to take time out. So many times I have said “I need to just check on!” and found myself engrossed in my studio for hours longer than actually stated.

Taking time is hugely important. Striking a balance is tricky between work and family time, especially when your work is your pleasure, as the lines between work and play become blurred.

I am now four years into running my own business and I am now making sure I try and stick to set hours of working and time off at weekends. By taking this time out it has made me step back, see the bigger picture. Viewing my business from the outside looking in has made me more objective, this has been hugely beneficial with regards to looking through a different lens and provoking new questions, thinking and accessing a different view point.

Time out has also given me time to be inspired, time to soak up my surroundings, finding new colours, patterns and objects that I can take back to my studio and develop.

This time out is precious, not just for spending time with friends and family. But to rest, refresh and give time to think creatively.

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