About Me

Growing up in Cornwall meant that my childhood was naturally spent wandering the rugged coastline and exploring the wild and wonderful places to be found there.

Those early years gave me a deep appreciation of nature and the organic beauty of simple forms – wild flowers rather than manicured bouquets, beach combed shells instead of the shiny polished variety.

I also spent time with my brothers playing in a nearby old quarry, that at the time was used as a refuse tip. Here we’d discover all sorts of weird and wonderful objects, and spend hours trying to guess where they’d come from and who’d owned them before!

These experiences led me to appreciate any beautiful piece of wood I could find, and often those that were washed up on the shore. How far had it travelled? What was it used for? Was it part of a much-loved object?


My love for recycled items that have a past and a connection that gives them their own character, led me to wanting to use these pieces of wood, combine them with my love for nature and art, and create beautiful pieces of artwork so that they could be enjoyed and loved by others for many years to come. 

My aim is always to retain the natural beauty of each and every piece whilst re-crafting it for use again. Using a mix of up-cycled and re-purposed materials, not just to create stunning affordable art for the home but also to ensure a continuity between the past and the present, and leave my small environmental art footprint behind me.


My Influences 

Growing up in the countryside or by the sea I have always been blessed with my playground of inspiration and influence, developing a love and respect for nature and the natural world. A lot of my time was spent outside playing in fields, splashing in streams and rummaging in hedgerows. I would always return home with a handful of wildflowers for Mum to put in a vase for me. I always remember being fascinated by flowers and how diverse they all were, I always understood the beauty of grown flowers in the garden being fed, watered and nurtured into a breath taking display but the flowers that intrigued me the most were hidden in the hedgerows. Tiny little delicate flowers nestled amongst the nettles, just as glorious as any flower in our garden but not celebrated, invisible almost, growing there secretly without human intervention. These flowers were my secret treasures.

Today, I live in an old cottage in beautiful Dorset and work from my studio nestled at the top of its beautiful walled garden with its generous herbaceous borders that have become an extension of me. From there I sip my tea and still wonder at the beauty of it all, I relish the abundance of texture, form and colour that I and others before me have created. However I still cannot help but glance across the lawn to see the wondrous display of my secret flowers, snowdrops peeking through frosted grass, dandelions popping up through the lawn, like sculptures changing with every breath of wind and daisies slowly spreading themselves out to find their favourite spots in the garden. Here is where I feed my daily passion and influences. These are my treasures.

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