Reclaimed Wood Art in Dorset by Emma Jane

Reclaimed wood art is an area of creativity that I am really enjoying developing at the moment. Most of the recycled materials that I use for my artwork are locally sourced from the New Forest and areas along the South Coast of Dorset. My aim is to make affordable art for the high street. This way I can create original on-off-pieces that do not impact on the environment.

I have been lucky enough to live by the coast or in the country side all of my life, I just love the colours and textures that surround me and how they are ever changing with the seasons.

Inspired by my surroundings, all of my work has a very simple yet natural handmade look and feel. Everything is created by me from my tiny yet perfectly formed studio.

I want the Emma Jane Collection to be an online space where people can find unique and special artworks that are made with love.

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